Eukanuba FAST CAT Championship

Eukanuba FAST CAT Championship

We are hosting the Eukanuba FAST CAT Championship! Thursday 14 September to Sunday 17, 2017 in Wilmington Ohio. Entries are limited and electronic agility timers will be used.

Click this link for the Premium List


  • Amy on July 13, 2017

    I always catch my dog. I don’t see that option in the premium. Will me catching be an issue? My girl is the breed title holder and we are looking forward to running in all 6+ events, if I can catch.


    Amy and Kudzu

    • Laurie on July 14, 2017

      From the premium list: Exhibitors will be given the option of having a catcher at the end of the track, or having the dog continue to chase the lure back to the beginning (total about 250 yards).
      So yes, you can either catch your dog at the end of the track, or back at the beginning. Who releases and who catches is totally up to you.

The premium list will be available soon. Keep checking back and it will be announced on several lists and Facebook groups