Lure Coursing Dates for 2018

Lure Coursing Dates for 2018

We have great things planed for 2018!! Our ASFA lure coursing dates are April 28/29 at Fort Niagara and September 8/9 also at Fort Niagara.  On the AKC front we are adding a CAT/FAST CAT event at Fort Niagara on May 12/13. We will be back at Wine Country Shows on September 27 -30 with a full slate of lure coursing, CATs & FAST CATs.

Premium lists will be posted on this website as they are approved.



  • Joyce Tischler on February 15, 2018

    I emailed a while back about having a fast cat in Hamburg NY sponsored by Hamburg All breed obedience club.
    I am wondering if you are considering this event? Joyce Tischler

    • fastdogscan on February 21, 2018

      Hi Joyce,
      We are not going to be able to schedule this event around our other events and judging assignments and other event commitments. We are holding 2 weekends of CATs/FAST CATs this year – May 12/13 at Fort Niagara and Sept 27/28 at Wine Country. We have also started holding Scent Work Trials. All these events plus our regular sighthound trials are keeping us busy.

The premium list will be available soon. Keep checking back and it will be announced on several lists and Facebook groups